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April 15, 2017

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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding Videography Skills

January 9, 2019


Every wedding should be remembered. If you’re a wedding videographer, you know what it’s like to be under the pressure of capturing someone’s special day and putting it together into a film that they can watch over and over again. It’s always a good idea to further your skills and become better at what you do. That’s why you should read through this article to learn four ways to upgrade your wedding videography skills! 

1. Know the Basics of Audio Quality

Audio quality is one of the most crucial aspects of a wedding video. The couple’s story can be told beautifully through high-quality audio during the vows, letters, and speeches. When the audio is tampered by distractions such as the sound of the wind, however, it can distract your viewers and turn off your future clients. Any well-established videographer in the industry needs to know how to capture great audio. You don’t need to be an expert on audio. You just need to know the basics, which include:

// Lavalier Microphones: 

A wireless lavalier microphone such as the Tascam DR-10L has to be worn by the groom in order to get good quality audio during the vow exchange. For a better result, attach another one to the officiant if you can. You have to ensure that everything is captured at the appropriate volume with as little background noise as possible by listening carefully through headphones. When you are ready to invest, go for noise-canceling headphones to make sure that you can hear the sound captured in the microphones loud and clear.

// Zoom Microphones: 

Connecting a zoom microphone to the soundboard is great for capturing reception speeches. You should always make sure to check with the DJ or the band ahead of time so that you have the correct cords for your microphone. Most require XLR cables, but to avoid any mishaps, it’s always a good thing to confirm in advance. Prior to the ceremony, ask to meet with the DJ or band to get everything ready in time for the speeches.


2. Synchronized Audio

The synchronization between your footage and audio is very important. The speaker’s lips need to match with the actual audio for the video to be viewed pleasantly. If they don’t, viewers will certainly be able to tell right away, and they will lose interest for the rest of the video. One solution is to take time to manually edit each word to get them to match. But still, waveforms can cause the audio and video files to unsync a few times over, and you will have to redo it all again, repeatedly. Although this option is doable, it’s very time-consuming.

3. Avoid Pan Shots

A pan shot may work well for context like in the news, but it should be avoided in wedding videography. That is because it may come out as old-fashioned, particularly if it is being used many times over. As opposed to camera pans, you should go for still shots instead. For example, you can capture the movement of a bird flying above the venue as well as wind blowing the leaves. This type of shot not only presents the venue but also provides a prettier cinematic shot. Keep in mind that you need the footage to be smooth and stable, so using a monopod or tripod while filming can help you achieve that. If you need more movement, however, a slider such as the Glide Gear Slider is recommended.

4. Get a Backup Camera

Technically, you can film your wedding video with only one camera, but it’s always best to keep a B-camera or backup camera at a hand’s length to make sure that you have all the right angles. Generally speaking, you don’t need a backup camera if you already have a nice quality A-camera, but having a backup camera can be useful for wider shots during the ceremony. That way, you can focus on getting important close-up shots of the bride and groom. For instance, your B-camera can be used to focus on the speakers during the reception while you’re filming the reactions from the VIPs in the audience as well as the bride and groom themselves.


To Sum Up

These are four easy and reasonably inexpensive ways to better your wedding videography skills. Combine your practice with these tricks, and you will be on your way to success!


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