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April 15, 2017

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Videography Styles You Can Choose From For Your Wedding Day

January 29, 2019


On your wedding day, you’ll surely want to make sure to get a couple photoshoot in, but preserving memories by getting your special day on video is a great idea too. Many couples nowadays hire a videographer to be on site on the day of the wedding to capture these important moments for you to relive over and over again. Here are some different styles of videography you can choose from:



This style will not follow a specific format but will be up to the videographer and the couple. It is essentially the freestyling of videography and won’t limit you to any rules when it comes to your wedding video. The freedom is great, but you will also want to be as specific as possible about your vision for the final wedding video for this style of videography. Be sure that everyone is on the same page about how the video will be shot and how you envision the final product to be. Make sure that you choose a videographer who knows how to initiate your style of video to make your vision a reality.



There isn't much skill or training needed for this style of photography. In fact, basically, the only thing that needs to be done is video-taking. Hopefully, your videographer can catch your first kiss, the first dance, the walk down the aisle, and all the other good parts. This video should feel kind of like a documentary. It will be edited afterwards, so have your videographer just shoot everything, hopefully with steady hands. You want to make sure they will really get in there. You might want to make a list of all the parts of the wedding you want them to make sure they get. This is a good option for those who aren’t looking to spend that much or create something too artsy.



This should be almost a movie or film quality. You will want a videographer that knows what they are doing and how to use the equipment and software that will be needed for this type of video. You want someone who knows how to set the mood through aesthetics as well as music. This video will basically need time and professionals to shoot, edit, and compile.



This will be a style of video where photo montages and videos are accompanied by a narrator telling the story along with whatever is being shown. This style will take more time to make but can be romantic, humorous, and fun to watch. Wedding testimonies and dialogues will be a great fit for this style of video. You will want to put in some music to set the mood, but it will be quieter than the narrating voice.



This type of video can be shorter, typically less than an hour. This is basically the best parts of your wedding highlighted in a video. Love songs and transitions between each recorded part should be tasteful with some great videos of your happiest moments. These videos can be done quickly - sometimes even before the end of the wedding. Some couples want to wow their guests by playing this video at the end of the night. Some skilled directors can get this done in time and will make sure all the good parts get put in with the appropriate transition and music to set the mood.


Are you tying the knot in Melbourne? We’re the perfect company for you! At Dreamcraft Films, we pride ourselves in capturing priceless memories and putting together videos that you will look back on fondly for years to come. Get in touch with us today!

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