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April 15, 2017

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Why You Don't Need Raw Footage Of Your Wedding

March 1, 2019


When you hire a wedding videographer for your wedding day, you are hiring someone who will record practically every single second of your whole wedding day, from the wedding ceremony to the reception. With so much footage being captured, many newlywed couples often ask for a copy of the raw footage. After all, that is what they believe they paid a videographer to do. However, the raw footage captured of your wedding may not be as important as you’d think. This article will discuss what raw video footage is and explain why you really don’t need it.


What Is Raw Footage?

In the world of wedding videography, raw footage refers to the actual wedding footage that a wedding videographer has captured. This footage has not been edited or enhanced in any way and is merely a direct recording of the ceremony. This means that raw footage will be shaky as the camera is moved from one spot to another, will often not optimally lit or exposed to light in certain places, and will involve a lot of dull moments of prolonged silence or general chatter. 


Usually shot with multiple cameras, the wedding footage will cover various angles of the wedding ceremony, and each camera footage can last over 5 hours. This equates to 250-300 GB of data for each camera. While you won’t miss any moments because the camera is always recording, there will also be a lot of footage that you would rather not watch.


So, Do You Need Raw Footage Of Your Wedding?

In 99% of cases, no, you don’t need a copy of your wedding footage. This is because when you hire a professional wedding videographer service, they will edit the 5-6 hour long footage of each camera into a high quality, color corrected, 1-hour video. Only the important and special moments of your wedding will be included, making your wedding video interesting to watch. With the quality of editing provided by wedding videographers, it is unlikely that you will ever want your raw footage. You will already have a perfect highlight of your day in the edited version.


Of course, in rare circumstances where you were unfortunate in hiring a wedding videography company that lacks the skills and experience of good video editing, you may have to request the raw footage and hire an independent professional video editor instead. However, such a situation isn’t common, and if you’ve done thorough research on your wedding videographer, you should not have this issue. 


Raw Footage Is Just The First Step Of A Great Wedding Video

The raw footage of your wedding video is just the basic ingredient. Your video editor will pick out the best footage and important scenes to feature in your final wedding video. They will add professional transitions, clean up the audio, and correct both exposure and color. You will receive a high-quality, professionally filmed video that you can rewatch over and over again.


So there you have it! In the end, you don’t need to request a copy of your raw wedding video. When you hire a professional wedding videographer service, they will take care of everything and ensure that your finished product is more than satisfactory. As a creative service provider, they should be able to deliver results that they can be proud of, too. Contact our team now to book your videographer and ensure that your special day is captured forever.


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