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April 15, 2017

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What Not to do When Hiring Professional Photographer in Melbourne

April 16, 2019


Hiring a professional photographer for special events is an excellent way to capture all of the special moments for you to look back on. That being said when you work with a photographer, no matter the occasion, there are some things that you should not do in order to respect them and their work. 


Some people neglect to adhere to proper etiquette, doing things that can be seen as rude and disrespectful toward their photographer without even realising. To make your next experience as positive for both parties as possible, here are four things that you should NOT do when you get a professional photographer:


Add filters to the photos


Most photographers will edit the pictures before they send them to you. If you want to share those photos on any social media platforms, it is best to restrain yourself from adding any filters on top of the original photo. When your photographer edits your pictures, they have to spend quite some time adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, and many other elements. They will have already made sure that every component complements each other and the overall look of the picture is magnificent. Adding automated filters on the photos can be seen as disrespectful because it implies that you do not appreciate their effort and skill. 


Retouch the pictures


We get it. Nobody wants to post a portrait of themselves where their pimples and blemishes are displayed prominently on their face. Some photographers want the pictures to turn out authentic and natural; hence they skip retouching your skin. However, if you wish to make the blemishes disappear, it’s best to ask your photographer to remove them for you before trying to do it yourself. Especially when you are new to photo editing, the photo might turn out looking wrong. If you upload the picture like that, people may think that it is the photographer’s work. This may result in discredit to that photographer when it is not even their fault. Let the professionals do the job for you and if you have something you want them to fix, let them know.


Print the pictures out yourself


This might not seem like a big deal, but it actually is for most photographers. The reason why many photographers ask if you want the photos printed out is that they know how to choose the type of paper that will make your pictures look amazing. 


There are many types and specifications of paper for images, and the professionals have more knowledge about this than the average person does. When you print out the photos yourself, chances are you will get the pictures in lower quality. If you really want to handle this, you may ask the photographer about the required specifications for accurate quality of the images. 


Forget to give credit


It is incredibly rude to neglect to give your photographer credit in the description box when you post your pictures on social media. You need to value their potential and effort in taking beautiful photos. If you are satisfied with the work of the photographer, it is highly encouraged to give them credit so that they can get more clients. Also, you might even get to work with other photographers in the future when they see that you exercise good etiquette and credit the work of people you work with.


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