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April 15, 2017

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How Wedding Photographers Choose Their Top Picks for Your Final Album

May 28, 2019


Ask any recent bride or groom how they felt on their wedding day, and they will most likely “show, not tell” you through photos. 


When it comes to wedding photography, hiring a professional wedding photographer is now considered a staple requirement in the planning checklist. The lensmen and women capture these precious moments that you, as the bride or groom, may be too busy to notice while you are in the moment. The photographers also weave together pockets of moments frozen in time that tell a story worthy of a thousand words through photos. A wedding photographer doesn’t just shoot photos; a wedding photographer tells your story.


However, if the price tag is any indicator on the professional work that goes into the documentation, the coverage, post-production editing, and submission may lead to some common concerns. With that said, here’s our take on it.  


How many photos should a wedding photographer give you?


A full day after the photo shoot, some couples expect that all of the photos will be processed and submitted. But in reality, even if there are numerous shots on just one moment across a series of moments, not all are perfect shots. Some may turn out of focus; subjects may have been caught with closed eyes or open mouths; others may have photobombers. These become part of the “out-takes” or captured sequences that are not included in the final version. 


The fee covers capture, edits, color and exposure settings, and other adjustments to ensure that each photo that goes into your album adds up as a memorable collection that tells your love story. The photographers use this knowledge, craftsmanship, and experience to curate the right moments that accurately depict the emotions and love that you felt on your wedding day, condensing them into a single album of a beautiful story that you can relive anytime.


What Happens to Unedited Photos?


When post-production and editing starts, the number of photos in coverage may reach a thousand or even more. The immediate task of the wedding photographer is to find the best photos that fully represent the day as you deem fit. They have the eye for detail and the mastery of a storyteller to pick the best and submit to you. 


Most photographers will ensure your story to be distinct from any other wedding coverage they encountered. That is why only the edited ones end up in the final album. Some couples may suspect wedding photographers are not giving you the best bang for the buck or should have given you all unedited photos, but if you realize the tedious process they go through to put together a beautiful story, then you will understand why the final album in itself is a labor of love. 


Asking a photographer to hand over a memory card, USB, or DVD of raw images is similar to asking an author to present you with their book in their raw or unedited manuscript that didn’t make the cut. With this, you must trust your photographer to give you the story that everyone else on your wedding day saw before their eyes.


What if I miss out on other great photos that did not make into the Final Album?


Choosing the right wedding photographer is like choosing the author to your own autobiography as a couple. While the photographers themselves know what moments are marked as momentous as husband and wife, each wedding will still be different from each other. Once collated, there may be different versions of a moment that are shortlisted to be good, but wedding photographers are aware that they can only choose a few to illustrate each highlight that ends up in the album. In the end, only the cream of the crop will be included in the final output that slowly unfolds into your beautiful love story. 


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