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April 15, 2017

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What to Know About Wedding Music - Our Guide

July 28, 2019


When couples hire a professional wedding videographer to record their big day, some of them wonder if they can pick the music they want to have in the video. Some couples mistakenly think that only professionals have the right to decide which music to use when filming. Others aren’t that confident in their preferences. However, at the end of the ceremony, your wedding film is still your keepsakes, and you paid for the service. Thus, there is no reason why you should hold back on your favourite music. It’s the professional’s job to find a way to make your music choice fit in the video.


Favourite music choices – weighing your options


Usually, couples’ favourite music falls into three categories - ephemeral fads, timeless classics, and twisted tastes. Most couples these days tend to go with what’s popular during their time. For example, both may want Korean Pop (K-Pop) because it reminds them of how they met each other at a concert. The downside with this choice is that future generations may not relate so well with this selection. On the other hand, you can still pick a song that was only popular during your time, as that once-popular song could serve as a unique reminder of what the past was for the two of you.


In contrast with commercialized music, fads are the timeless classics made by the likes of the Beatles, Air Supply, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These classics have stood the test of time and transcended generations in terms of cultural significance (regardless of their fluctuating popularity ratings). If your favourites fall among the timeless classics, that would be better as these compositions have distinct traits that make them eternally “good” songs.


The third category, twisted tastes, are those musical pieces that only relate to both of you. You can choose these pieces as a sign of how special you are as a couple. It could also impart your video wedding a distinctly “you” identity, regardless of how popular or timeless the selection.


Challenges and limitations when picking your favourite music


Although you can ask your videographer to use or include your music in your wedding film, it doesn’t always mean it’s the best or most feasible choice. For one, when you impose your favourite over what the professional videographer thinks is best, you are boxing them in a corner. This could prevent their creativity from being fully expressed, which can affect the overall quality of your video. If you insist on your choice of music, you have two options: (1) find a professional wedding videographer who likes the same music as you or (2) find a very versatile videographer who knows how to improvise. That way, you can be sure that your final wedding film would still be of excellent quality while following your music choices.


Copyright issues would also present challenges. Not all artists and tracks can’t be used in wedding films without express permission from those who have the copyright, especially if you will upload your wedding film on public platforms. It is your wedding videographer who might be exposed to the risk of legal actions if you still push through with your music choices. You might even have to go the hassle of consulting a copyright attorney or paying the copyright holder an expensive permit to use fee.




While you can pick the music for your wedding film, you would have to consider the challenges and limitations that would come with that choice. Unless you can compose your own music, you might have to accept that you can’t have your favourite copyrighted pop music in your wedding film. If you aren’t one who likes free, uncopyrighted music made during the 1700s, then it might be more convenient to let your videographer choose the music.


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