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April 15, 2017

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How to Create a Great Wedding Timeline - Our Guide

August 5, 2019


t’s a thrilling moment whenever a couple decides to get married. Reality sets in, accompanied by pressure and stress, and a plan is needed to run the program smoothly. 


For the couple, a timeline is vital to create the best experience not only for themselves but for everyone who will attend the wedding. Say, you decide to get married. What tips should you keep in mind when building your wedding day timeline? Read on more to find out!


Keep Location in Mind


This aspect depends on the wedding. Do you have the entire program in one place? Decide what fillers are appropriate to fill in free time between the ceremony and reception. Are you separating the reception and ceremony into two different locations? Make sure you allocate enough time to travel between places. 


Photo-taking Sessions


Photos are vital in capturing beautiful moments for you and your loved one to reminisce. Most weddings, if not all, include photographers and videographers to take tons of photos throughout the ceremony. You may want to allocate some time for single images, family photos, and many other types of photos. 


Most weddings schedule this photo-taking session before the ceremony starts. If you do this, make sure to add enough extra time so that no one feels rushed to take a photo. Plus, everyone can have a more enjoyable experience while commenting on how beautiful and handsome each of you looks!


Toasts and Dances


It is a no-brainer that there will be many activities to plan out, especially during the reception. One of the most important events during this time is the toast and the dances. Make sure to indicate in your timeline when this activity will begin. Do not forget to mention as well as how long the session will take. Enhance the experience with a professional DJ and keep everyone’s attention with an exciting emcee. With proper announcing, no one will miss anything.


The Grand Exit


For every good thing, there is a time where everything has to end. In this case, you will need to tighten your timeline to finish on time. Plan this phase, and everything else, very carefully. Set a time on when the grand exit will begin, and make sure photographers know where to be at what time to take photos. Decide on any extras such as confetti or a decorated car. Do not do this at the last minute.


This is your special day along with your loved one. No wedding is the same, and this one is made for you. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to do, start by creating a very general timeline. 


Along the way, if you have more and more ideas, fill them into the appropriate spots. Do not forget the logistics and venues as well! Sooner or later, your timeline is going to be filled with different activities. Always remember, you want to create the best experience for everyone, and it shouldn’t stress you out during the wedding. Take your time, and put some effort into the planning. You will have a wedding that everyone will remember for the right reasons.


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